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Taking the Dream Spinner Reviews:

2022 Review: Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

A true page-turner packed with suspense, intrigue, violence and terrific plot twists. Heart-stopping action that provides readers with all they could ask for in a suspenseful thriller. Fans of Tom Clancy will love this story.


First Rate Thriller

In the follow-up to his debut novel, Raptor Bloom, Thomas Belisle has written a fascinating and harrowing account of a psychopath’s capture of a cruise ship. As passengers are used as bargaining chips in a quest to have terrorist prisoners in Guantanamo Bay released, Matt ‘Ace’ Black risks everything to free the ship. Taking the Dream Spinner is fast paced and rich in detail that could only be told by someone with Belisle’s many years of experience. This is a first-class political thriller by an emerging master of the genre.

Ernie Dorling,  Author of Murder: A Family Affair,  and, With Consciousness of Guilt: The Sexual Predator Among Us

A Harrowing Journey

Author Thomas Belisle has done it again! Taking the Dream Spinner is the sequel to his 2020 debut thriller novel Raptor Bloom. The storyline is of a terror organization’s takeover of a cruise ship. Mr. Belisle’s writing skillfully unfurls the very believable plot…the journey is one of action, intrigue and just enough techno-military detailing to keep the story authentic. I highly recommend this novel, just be sure you have time to enjoy it, because once you start it you won't be able to put it down.


David Trawinski, Historical Novelist, and author of The Chopin Trilogy and The Twins of Narvik

Action-Packed and Hard to Put Down

Tom Belisle has hit it out of the park again with Taking the Dream Spinner! While the main characters in this book Captain Matt "Ace" Black (USAF F-22 fighter pilot) and villain Khalil Ruffa (Syrian-born genius Software Engineer) are familiar figures from Belisle's first book Raptor Bloom, the author has done a great job summarizing the highlights from Raptor Bloom-- making it easy for first-time readers to read this book without having to read the first book.

Taking the Dream Spinner takes place aboard the cruise liner Dream Spinner which has over 3,000 souls on board counting passengers and crew--and infiltrated by terrorists. The book is a quick read that is hard to put down. The author weaves numerous webs throughout that you don't see coming. The book is action-packed and a tribute to the Navy SEALs and supporting cast. I rated the book 5-Stars and cannot wait for Tom Belisle's next novel. For those of you who miss Tom Clancy, believe he may help fill that void. - Ray Davies

Electrifying Suspense

The reader will be kept on tenterhooks throughout this voyage! Taking the Dream Spinner is packed with electrifying suspense. Be prepared to read this cover to cover. Tom Belisle keeps the reader engaged with twists and turns along with insight into our powerful military. The main characters in the book, Captain Matt “Ace” Black (USAF F-22 Fighter Pilot) and terrorist, Khalil Ruffa, AKA Khalil Atta (genius software engineer) try to outmaneuver each other while 3,000 passengers and crew try to stay alive. Though this is a sequel to his first action packed novel, “Raptor Bloom”, Tom Belisle skillfully wrote them as “independent” novels versus “sequels”. Books Clubs will love these novels for discussion. As a retired Navy Senior Chief, confident veterans will appreciate the military aspects.

If you are going on a cruise soon, read before or during. You will never think of cruising the same! - Laurie W

Raptor Bloom Reviews;

2022 Review: Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

An exciting read. Could not put this book down. Everything a lover of thriller fiction will appreciate—tense situations, complex characters, exotic places, a clash of cultures, and enough action to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

A must read!!!

A very fast moving thriller that leaves you begging for more. The suspense, tension and opposing forces of the good and bad are very relatable to today's world situation. I highly recommend this book. — KoffeeTorme


Raptor Bloom is an exciting read.

Raptor Bloom keeps you interested from page one to the very end. The author included a few twists and turns that make you think and wonder what was going to happen next. Cannot wait for the author's next book. — Tony


What a thriller!

Thank you, Tom. I couldn't put this masterpiece down. I want more! — F. Barney


Great War Story

Spoiler Alert! The good guys win. How this all comes about with stealth aircraft, high tech software, top gun pilots all involved with and overcoming sinister and treasonous acts of rogue operatives for a rogue country makes for great reading. Tom Belisle's first book is a winner. Can't wait for his next book. — Chuckb


Tom Belisle's Raptor Bloom

I found this book right up there with the Tom Clancy thrillers I have read. Mr. Belisle's expertise and knowledge is surpassed by none. I can't wait for the next novel from him to come along. If Mr. Belisle keeps writing, I will keep reading his novels. — Julie Yemma


Raptor Bloom is a must read!

This was a great story of action and intrigue. The characters are richly developed and the story moves with fast paced efficiency that keeps you turning page after page. The two main characters are cleverly molded over time, and drawn ever closer throughout the story, and the end does not disappoint. If you like the military intrigue and spy type thriller genre, this is a highly recommended must read. — C. Greer


Tom Belisle's Raptor Bloom is a must read!

As an avid reader of such adventure writers as Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Clive Cussler, Tom Belisle's Raptor Bloom is right up there with them. It's a great military adventure story that you can't put down. Tom does a great job of weaving the stories of the two main characters into a chilling story that will hold you on the edge of your seat throughout the book. I highly recommend this book and when you're done, you will be eager for a sequel. — R. Davies

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