Known by his fighter-pilot call sign “Ace," Matt Black has tasted combat and is skilled at confronting and defeating the enemy—at least while streaking through the sky in a heavily armed military aircraft. 

     But the situation Ace finds himself in now is very different. He should have picked up on the indicators from the moment he stepped foot on the luxury cruise ship. A last minute senior officer crew change. An odd discovery on a private vacation island. An unprecedented itinerary change while underway. Mysterious activity in a strange port. Crew behavior that just doesn't make sense. And the impossible appearance of a ghost from his past.

     Now he finds himself captive to terrorists in the middle of the Caribbean, a pawn, like the other three thousand passengers, and caught in a deadly game of geopolitical gamesmanship. He has to confront a particular kind of evil nobody expected and protect himself and his family.  It will tax every ounce of his strength, ingenuity and luck to stop them—and prevent disaster.