Fate and circumstance bring Air Force pilot, Captain Matt 'Ace' Black, and a brilliant Syrian engineer, Khalil Ruffa, together, first in the bonds of professional friendship, and then as hated enemies on divergent paths.

The seeds of hatred were planted early in Khalil's tragic early life, and made him the perfect candidate for radicalization and absorption into Iran's insidious plan to complete their nuclear weapons program.

Ace worked hard to become the top stealth fighter pilot in the F-22 Raptor, the most advanced aircraft on earth. He honed his skills, preparing himself for aerial combat that was sure to come in the  explosive Persian Gulf.

The Syrian was Iran's key to nuclear success by stopping an American-led attack that would prevent the Ayatollah from acquiring weapons of mass destruction. Khalil was chosen to do the impossible—leverage stolen US technology, breach the tightest security on the planet, hack into the Raptor's electronics, and make an invisible jet vulnerable to destruction.

As the Persian Gulf boils over in violent conflict, Ace leads his fellow warriors on dangerous combat missions to restore peace in the region, unaware that he would change from being the hunter, and become the hunted!