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Update on my NEXT thriller novel TITLED:



Thanks for visiting my webpage. Here's an update on my third thriller novel about the exploits of Ace Black. Titled 'The Secret of the Crimson Sun', the story takes Ace to northeast Asia where he is working at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea. When he is tasked to accompany a diplomatic delegation to Pyongyang, North Korea, he becomes embroiled in Kim Jong Un's high-stakes negotiations that are hoped to bring peace to the peninsula. But a disgruntled senior scientist shares a deadly secret with Ace about what is actually happening, unbeknownst to the North Korean dictator. A rogue element has initiated plans that will upend any chance for peace and will instead start a disastrous war. Before long, Ace is targeted for elimination to keep him from divulging the secret and stopping the disaster from unfolding.


This third novel is undergoing critical review. Once complete, I will finalize it, send it to my professional editor, and seek publication in summer 2024. Stand by for another great thriller!


For my returning readers and new site visitors, I appreciate your interest in my books and enjoy the feedback you continue to provide in your reviews. I am humbled by many of your comments, especially those comparing my writing to the excellent works of Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Nelson DeMille, and Clive Cussler. These distinguished authors have helped inspire my writing. 


I've set my goal to give you everything you look for in a great thriller. I try to infuse my stories with compelling characters like fighter pilot Matt 'Ace' Black, a great plot loaded with mystery, suspense, intrigue, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of action. I continually seek to make my stories as realistic as possible--using interesting locations around the world, actual technology on the street today, and current world figures to the extent necessary to "keep it real." And then, stretch your imagination into thinking about what might be possible, and the kinds of volatile situations we could find ourselves in.


Since the publication of Raptor Bloom in 2020, and Taking the Dream Spinner in 2021, I'm gaining an ever-widening set of readers from around the United States, Canada, and even outside our continent! Thanks again for being great cheerleaders who keep me motivated to continue writing!


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