Taking the dream spinner


Thanks for visiting my webpage. For my returning readers and new site visitors, I appreciate your interest in my thriller books. I am pleased to announce the publication of my second novel, Taking the Dream Spinner in May 2021. It follows in the series begun with my first novel, Raptor Bloom, published in April 2020. Taking the Dream Spinner sticks with my ultimate focus in writing: building a great story filled with compelling characters like fighter-pilot Matt 'Ace' Black, a great plot loaded with mystery, suspense, intrigue, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of action. I continually seek to make my stories as realistic as possible--using interesting locations around the world, actual technology on the street today, and current world figures to the extent necessary to "keep it real." And then, stretch your imagination into thinking about what might actually be possible, and the kinds of volatile situations we could find ourselves in. Taking the Dream Spinner will keep you glued to the story, and second guessing what will happen next. It becomes a nail-biter to the very last page. This novel stands alone on its own merits--you don't have to read Raptor Bloom to fully understand everything that's going on with Ace and his friends. But I encourage you to give the first novel a try as well as enjoying Taking the Dream Spinner.